Resources for Program Partners

NJ PLACE Works Because of Our Partners' Commitment to Advancing Post-Secondary Education.

As a college or federally-registered apprenticeship program partner in NJ PLACE, you act as our program’s ambassadors and “field” support. We’ve created this page specifically for you to find the information and resource links regarding all of the NJ PLACE procedures and common practices. If you cannot find the information you’re looking for, or you want to discuss a program-related issue or concern, please contact us at 609-777-1724 or send  an e-mail.

Apprenticeship Status Certification:

Once an apprentice decides to enroll at a participating college, they will have to demonstrate proof of their apprenticeship status in order to qualify for transfer credits from their apprenticeship program. This proof is provided directly by the US Department of Labor, NJ State Office of Apprenticeship (OA) once the student makes the request using the Evaluation of Transfer Credits Form [PDF]. OA will then mail an Official USDOL Apprenticeship Status Verification Form [PDF] directly to the designated college(s).

College Credit Evaluation:

NJ PLACE’s college partners accept credit recommendations from the American Council on Education (ACE) and Thomas Edison State College’s Office for Assessment of Professional and Workplace Learning (OAPWL). Both of these organizations require evaluation fees, annual audits and periodic re-evaluations. NJ PLACE has developed a handbook to assist partners in preparing for the evaluation process. This book will guide you through the evaluation process, and help you package your program so you get the most credit awards out of your recommendations.

Common Principles:

To facilitate degree completion for apprentices who may live, work, and attend apprenticeship classes in different counties, the community colleges have agreed to some common principles for NJ PLACE participants:

In-county tuition rates: Regardless of their county of residence, NJ PLACE participants qualify for in-county tuition at the community college in which they enroll.

Location flexibility: NJ PLACE participants can take credit classes at any NJ community college, and the community college in which they’ve enrolled will consider those classes “native” credits as long as it offers the same course.

Resource Links:

Below are links to several of the most commonly requested partner resources. If you have trouble locating a document, please contact us at 609-777-1724 or send  an e-mail.

Interested in becoming an NJ PLACE program partner? Please explore the website, then contact 609-777-1724 or send  an e-mail.