1) Who determined how many credits my apprenticeship is worth?

Translating your apprenticeship program into college credits is a 2-part process. The first part involves an in-depth program evaluation, and the second part involves college transfer agreements. Click here to learn how NJ PLACE facilitates both parts of the process.

2) What is an Associate of Applied Science and how is it different from an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science?

An Associate of Applied Science or AAS degree is focused on career-related studies to a greater extent than the Associate of Arts or Science degrees.  Although the original intent of the AAS was for graduates to enter directly into their chosen profession rather than transfer to a 4-year college or university, transferability of the AAS is evolving nationwide.  Here in New Jersey, a law was passed in 2010 allowing NJ PLACE participants to transfer the AAS in Technical Studies to a 4-year in-state public college or university.  A more detailed explanation of the types of associate degrees can be found on WikiAnswers.

3) Which college courses do I have to take to get an AAS in Technical Studies? 

Click here to learn about the AAS in Technical Studies degree program and the recommended courses of study for your trade.

4) Will I have to take remedial or foundation classes at the community college?

Each New Jersey community college requires students enrolling in a degree program to take a placement test in math and English called ACCUPLACER®. (Check with the college to see whether you qualify for a test waiver.) Your results on the ACCUPLACER® lets the college know whether you’re ready for college level work in math and English, two courses which are prerequisites for many other college courses. If the test results show that you’re not ready yet, you will be placed into a remedial or foundation class in one or both subject areas. Foundation courses are designed to prepare you for college-level work and help you succeed in your pursuit of a college degree. Use our on-line ACCUPLACER® resources to help you prepare for the test.

5) How much money will it cost to get my AAS in Technical Studies? 

If you go through the NJ PLACE program and enroll in the AAS in Technical Studies degree at a community college, you will be charged the in-county or resident tuition rate regardless of your actual county of residence.  Check with the individual college for its current rates and fees.

6) What if I want a college degree, but not an AAS in Technical Studies?

NJ PLACE has identified other associate degree pathways at Thomas Edison State College if you are not interested in earning an AAS in Technical Studies.  If you wish to pursue a degree program outside of the NJ PLACE model altogether and completed your apprenticeship, you're advised to obtain a transcript of the courses recommended for credit so you can present that to a college. You will need to work directly with the recommendation service which evaluated your program: ACE CREDIT or Thomas Edison's OAPWL.  NJ PLACE agreements and policies will NOT apply if you pursue a different degree program.

7) What if I already have some college credits?

It is up to each college to decide whether your prior college credits will transfer into any degree program. New Jersey's community colleges typically recognize each other's credits, particularly for the required general education courses. We recommend gathering copies of all your college transcripts and presenting them to the college where you enroll, no matter how long ago you earned the credits. The NJ PLACE liaison at the school will be able to guide you further on transferring the credits and determining whether they fit into the degree requirements.

8) What if I already have an associate degree? 

If you've already earned an associate degree, it probably doesn't make much sense to get another. But why not consider a bachelor degree program? There are many bachelor degree programs in very diverse courses of study all across the country, as well as right here in New Jersey. Click here for a complete list of all four-year colleges in New Jersey or check out these NJ PLACE partners who've got a proven track record of valuing your apprenticeship education and years of work experience.

9) What if I can't remember when I completed my apprenticeship?

If you need to check your apprenticeship completion dates, contact your apprenticeship program or the US Department of Labor’s NJ State Office of Apprenticeship at 732-750-9191.

10) What if I'm not sure whether I officially completed my apprenticeship?

If you need to check on your apprenticeship status, contact your apprenticeship program or the US Department of Labor’s NJ State Office of Apprenticeship at 732-750-9191.

11) Who do I contact at my local community college?

Each community college has designated NJ PLACE liaison who should be your first point of contact at a school.