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Thanks to everyone who shared such positive comments about the NJ PLACE program and what it's meant to you.

Jeanine Nagrod, NJ PLACE Executive Director

I am very excited to be involved in this program, because it has given more than just hope in finishing my college my degree requirements, it has inspired my 13 year old to strive for straight A's so he too can go to college ! 

David M. Hunter

My college has been giving me nothing but the run around. It's been really frustrating trying to get things processed properly or in a timely manner. Jeanine Nagrod was so helpful early in the process. I wish she was available to help me out now.

Diana Mercado

I would like to thank Jeanine Nagrod and everyone else who work so diligently in creating the NJ PLACE Program. The program has been instrumental to me and many apprentices throughout the state in their effort to attain higher education. Being one of the first graduates of the program with an AAS degree from Mercer County Community College and the first student to transfer to Rutgers University’s School of Management and Labor Relations has only been made possible through the NJ PLACE Program. The NJ Place Program helps streamline the curriculum required for graduation throughout the state while making it much easier to complete a college degree. I am very grateful for this program’s creation and look forward to taking the NJ PLACE Program to the next level.

Donte Boyer

When Jeanine came to our training center in Hazlet to talk about NJ PLACE I was very anxious to hear about it. She explained the benefits of such a program and took questions. I'm getting started with continuing my education and couldn't be happier. A big thanks goes to Jeanine and NJPLACE. Programs like this are definitely needed.
Nicholas Neier - Journeymen Pipefitters Local 274

Nicholas Neier

NJ Place has been a great resource for many people like me, I consider myself fortunate to be here.
Chris Harris
NJ Basement waterproofing

Chris Harris

This program does so much good, and it has so much potential! Jeanine Nagrod's leadership these past few years has been so valuable in helping the colleges sort out the program, and she has been so responsive to the students!

We sincerely hope that the program will continue and that the NJPlace office will continue to guide us in its administration.

Dee Smith-Johns, Academic Advisor, Mercer County Community College

since 2004, many people have worked together to put a system in place for NJ PLACE-----it was a good idea-----now, through 2010 it turned out to be a great idea with jeanine nagrod taking a program that recognizes approved regis. apprenticeship training programs as a pathway to a college degree to the next level. this program offers all men and women, apprentices and journeyman the option to use those established credits you get from your trade and put it towards something they always wanted first, but had to go to work instead-----A TRUE COLLEGE DEGREE----this program has done wonders and i want to thank all the people involved since 2004 till now, for all their hard work in this bringing this program, NJ PLACE, to life. mark docie----ironworkers local 68 apprentice coordinator/training director

Mark Docie

I'm sorry to hear that NJ PLACE lost its funding, I found out about this program in apprenticeship training for carpenters and I just started using the program to help me get prepared for the entrance tests at community college. I owe everyone who made this possible my sincere thanks and I hope soon this will come back so I can get into a good college and help to advance all the union trades in New Jersey

Eric Lehtonen

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeanine for her dedication and professionalism while at the helm of the NJ Place Program. Jeanine would present the program and explain how to navigate the process to our first year apprentices along with our other benefit providers annually. Being a state wide program, everyone could relate to a Community College in their County, and the information was always well received. For some, this is an opportunity they would never realize if it weren't for this program.

Thank You,

Dennis Whitby
Training Coordinator
United Association of NJ
HVAC/R Division

Dennis Whitby

I just want to express my gratitude to Jeanine Nagrod and the staff at NJ Place. I had been away from school for many years but they helped me navigate through the process. I am now well on my way to acheiving my AAS, something that I thought was too late to do. Thanks again for all of your help. Al Rainford, Local 9 UA pipefitter

Al Rainford

I would like to thank Jeanine Nagrod at Nj Place for all the help and assistance in returing to school to get a degree. Im a carpenter from local 393 Camden NJ who recently got injured and might not be able to return to work, now I need a degree so I dont have to work with my tools. Ive been out of school for 11 years, and NJ Place offered help with study guides and tests to prepare for the college placement test. They also offered all the information for the contacts for all the community colleges in my area. I hope you get your funding back. I appreciate all your help. THANKS!

Doug Hess

I have 109 apprentices looking for someone to help them further their education . NJ Place was the perfect choice because they remember that you took the time to explain their options to them.I sincerely hope that you get your funding back asap,so my students and all the other programs can get our men and women the education they truly deserve.


Bill Lawson
Training Coordinator DC NNJ Ironworkers

William Lawson

Thanks NJ PLACE , i have been out of school for over 15 years. I didnt think i would ever go to college, but you made it possible. by this time next year im going to have my accociates and i plan on going for my bachlors. Hopefully you will get your funding back in the future to help me with my transition from a 2 year to a 4 year college thanks again for all your help

Jack Saphow

NJ PLACE offers the ability for high skill professional people to earn a living in an apprenticeable career and also have the opportunity to advance themselves with the achievement of a college degree. In our complex society, not everyone can attend a traditional college when they are 18-23 years old. Some people will work and then become focused on a career path. NJ PLACE offers that, and is something that we need more of in our future. Thank you NJ PLACE and keep up the good work.

Peter Ielmini

Thanks NJ PLACE for providing invaluable assistance to the IAM Auto and Diesel Tech Apprenticeship Program. With your help and guidance we have successfully obtained an articulation agreement that enables our apprentices to receive college credits for their apprentice courses.

Ira Stern, YTTW and Auto / Diesel Tech Apprenticeship Program Coordinator