Get the Best of Both Worlds: Apprenticeship AND a College Degree

Apprenticeship gives you concrete, hands-on skills that you can put to work in the occupation you have chosen. A college degree opens up a wide range of opportunities for advancement or career flexibility. Each offers you:

  • A unique and valuable set of skills and experiences
  • An official recognition of your education and training

And, with the innovative program at NJ PLACE, you don’t have to choose between these two great options. You can have the best of both worlds!


The program at NJ PLACE is designed to help you get your apprenticeship certificate in an occupation and earn your college degree at the same time. You’ll get immediate marketable skills in your occupation and the long-term career possibilities that a college degree opens up for your future.

How It Works

Through NJ PLACE, you can get college credit for your apprenticeship training, giving you a head start toward your degree at any of New Jersey’s community colleges. And, NJ PLACE’s agreements with these colleges enable you to schedule your remaining classes at times and locations that are convenient for you. At NJ PLACE, we don't see apprenticeship as an alternative to college – we see it as an exciting pathway to it!


Advantages to Enrolling in a NJ Community College

First- You're guaranteed a minimum number of transfer credits toward your degree requirements, depending on the apprenticeship program you completed.

Second- You're entitled to in-county tuition rates at any NJ community college regardless of your county of residence. This enables you to affordably attend the NJ community college of your choosing.

Third- You can take your classes at any NJ community college, regardless of where you enrolled, as long as both colleges offer the same course. You can take your general education courses at the community college most convenient to your home or job, even if you’ve enrolled in the degree program at a different community college, and the courses will still count toward your degree.

Finally- NJ PLACE has a designated individual at each community college to guide you through the policies and procedures at the school.

Use our Eligibility Checker to see whether you qualify for NJ PLACE.

New to Apprenticeship Education?

You can learn a trade or profession (with one of our federally-registered apprenticeship education partners) and work toward a college degree at the same time. Click here to learn more.